Our pursues a healthy life for customers,

We are "MESH"

Based on excellent R&D capabilities from medical engineering with experience in developing various medical devices, we are striving to develop medical devices with stability, precision, and convenience for the healthy life of our customers.

Based on the attitude that the healthy life of customers is the healthy life of the society we live in, we promise to take a powerful leap forward for your happy and healthy life.

It is a manufacturing company specializing in medical device R&D.

MESH, established in 2006, has a professional research team composed of medical engineering experts, is an advisor to the International Standard (IEC) test report (TRF), and holds patents and various certificates related to medical devices.

The Certificate

Infrared thermal diagnosis field (100613662, 2006), bone density diagnosis device field (100686534, 2007), rehabilitation equipment field (100971118, 2010), infrared thermal diagnosis field (200457337, 2011), infrared body thermal diagnosis field (101432651, 2014), Jeong Hyung-yong Correction device field (101432648, 2014), rehabilitation exercise robot field (101631938, 2016), bio-signal measurement field (101646980, 2016), bio-signal measurement field (101646982, 2016).

The Business

INNOBIZ Technology innovation-type small and medium-sized enterprises, venture enterprises, and Gangwon-do promising small and medium enterprises have been certified and have KC, KOLAS, CFDA, BIS, and IOS certifications.

The Vision

MESH, as a professional manufacturer of medical devices, will always make honest and excellent products without losing its original intention, and professional researchers will make efforts to manufacture and use precision machines at reasonable prices.

“It is an R&D-oriented company that holds patents related to various medical device technologies including infrared image processing."

- Our Slogan -

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